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It’s also available in 600 and 4000 count boxes. I use the Hornady 75 grain BTHP bullet to load match-grade hand-loads for my semi-automatic AR-15s chambered in 5.56mm/223 Remington. According to Ballistic Performance of Rifle Bullets by Bryan Litz, the Hornady 75 grain BTHP has an average G1 ballistic coefficient of 0.356 and an average G7 ...

Denver Colorado. Apr 3, 2022. #3. I load tons of different 223 rounds with Varget. In the world of competitive shooting, Varget is considered one of the absolute best powders for 223 cases. Granted, most are loading heavier bullets - say 60~77 grain - but achieving world class results.Feb 1, 2010. #7. Re: what powders work best in 22-250? H-380 is awsome for 50's and 55's. I like Varget for 40's,50's and 55's. I tried Benchmark and I couldn't get as good of accuracy but more velocity with less powder. 1 inch groups with Benchmark vs 1/4 to 1/2 inch with varget and h-380.

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I have used A2015 in 223, 35 rem, 45-70, 30-06, 303 brit, 30-30 with a mix of cast & jacketed bullets. While not always achieving the highest velocity it has always produce the best accuracy. This powder is single base made in Canada which I believe is a General dynamics plant which makes the IMR line.Hodgdon is probably the most renowned manufacturer when it comes to gunpowders. This H322 gunpowder is an extruded "extreme" powder, which means it doesn't get affected as much by swings in humidity and temperature. It can be used to reload .223, 308 and the 6.5 Grendel, along with other popular hunting reloads.If you run a search on 'best powder' for example, you will find a number of threads about powders but after reading some, you will see that there isn't a consensus on the "best" powder. ... CFE 223 from other sources is ~ 1.0 fps/*F. The same list shows XBR as having 0.59 value. Caveats: These data values could be related to the case capacity ...The load that garnered the best scores were with 69 grain Sierra Match Kings (SMK) over IMR4895 powder. IMR4895 is the same powder used in .308 and 30-06 and it was in the Marine Corps match rounds. The loads used 24.0 grains of IMR4895 and the 69gr SMK bullets. That load is 1.0 grain below maximum and it shot great!

24K views 7 replies 4 participants last post by R788 Jul 19, 2010. R. R788 Discussion starter. 301 posts · Joined 2010. #1 · Jul 15, 2010. Shooting from a 9 inch barrel, the .223 delivers quite a bit of velocity (KelTec says 2600 fps) and a great big fireball with loads in the 55-grain range. To optimize loads for a 9-inch weapon, would it be ...Dec 29, 2010 · Kansas City, Missouri. Dec 30, 2010. #10. Re: Whats your fav powder for 69gr 223. IMR 4895 23grs Win Brass Win primer 2.260 oal. 20" 1-8 twist AR-15. velocity was 2608-2630. Shot this at 600 the green lines connect the 69 smk load and the red lines connect a 168gr AMax load also with IMR 4895.I use 23.5 Cfe223 for a light 55 gr hoser. 23 gr 8208xbr for 77TMKs. I found a bit better accuracy out of hornady 73 elds, and they're cheaper. 8208, varget, and shooters world precision powder were pretty much the same in accuracy, in my gun. 8208 and precision meter well from Dillon measures.PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Hodgdon CFE 223 Smokeless Gun Powder. This revolutionary, spherical powder was introduced by Hodgdon in January of 2012. CFE 223 is an extremely versatile rifle propellant and was developed as a copper fouling deterrent as it incorporates in its formula CFE or Copper Fouling Eraser, an ingredient initially used by the military. The resulting powder produces longer periods of ...

CFE 223 was introduced in 2012, and CFE Pistol followed in 2014. Nitroglycerine content makes them double-base propellants. Like some other spherical powders, Hodgdon CFE BLK performs best in cartridge case capacity/bullet weight combinations that allow 90 to 100 percent load density. Slightly compressed charges often deliver the lowest shot-to ...The .223 is a 235+ yard varmint cartridge. Most serious varmint hunters with .223 varmint rifles will handload the cartridge for maximum accuracy and performance. The most common bullet weights run from 40 to 60 grains, with the 50-55 grain bullets being the most popular for varmint hunting. Widely recommended powders include H322, H335, BL-C2 ...2169 posts · Joined 2013. #10 · Jul 11, 2016. Power pistol is the most accurate powder to push a 9mm. It is the powder that the military Bullseye teams use for 50 yards. Distinguished Pistol #388. ….

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The 78 likes 55 grain best. Here's load for both with 40 grain bullets: 223 Remington Seven, 40 grain Nosler BT, 7 ½ BR, 22.3 Grains TAC, 0.44 MOA (average of three 5 shot groups) 223 Remington Sport 78, 40 grain V-max, 28.5 grains TAC, 0.77 MOA (average of three 5 shot groups) TAC wins for the 40 grain bullets. For rifles I've sold:45. Arizona. Jan 22, 2012. #4. Re: Whats the best powder for 75gr 5.56. Ramshot TAC - on par in accuracy potential with most other powders used in his weight projo, added velocity increase of 4-6%, ball powder for easy set up and consistent throws.Ideal for use on varmints at long range or targets, it delivers match-grade accuracy in many rifles. .223 REM – 55gr Sierra Varminter HP. Sierra Varminter HP loaded ammunition has explosive expansion and is devastatingly effective. With a relatively thin jacket this light weight projectile is an. excellent option for a hunting bullet.

For best mobile experience please turn phone sideways Getting Started Reference Data. Safety. Tips & Tricks. 1. Select Filter by Cartridge or Powder to get started. ... The max order quantity of any powder SKU is 5 and we will only accept one order, per customer, per calendar month with a maximum weight of 48lbs.Statesville, NC. Aug 4, 2010. #13. Re: Hodgdon Varget vs. H322 for best accuracy in .223. A lot will have to do with your twist rate more than those two powders. The 55 gr Vmax will be fine at 100 yards with the 1:9 twist but past that the groups will open up; the 69 gr SMK will work better at longer range past 300y.

o'reilly auto parts 121g facebook This is excellent powder for use with: .223 Rem., 5.56×45 NATO, .308 Win, 204 Ruger, 17 Remington, and many other calibers. It loads very similarly to Hodgdon BL-C2 powder. Note: Read the warnings on the packaging before loading this powder. Will come packaged as: 16 lb of WC-846 powder packaged in two 8 lb. jugs in a UN 4G Hazmat shipper kit. amazon fresh broomall photoslarge transmission cooler Messages. 146. Location. Greene NY. Jan 23, 2020. #1. I am using 55gr and want to develop a load for 77gr Sierra MatchKing for my 5.56x45. I will be using it for long range and have a 16" barrel. I was wondering what powder or powders I should try.Best powder for heavy 223(69-75gr) Thread starter AKM; Start date Jan 19, 2019; The #1 community for Gun Owners in Texas. Member Benefits: Fewer Ads! ... The 224V is close to the 223 when it comes to powder selection. Apr 27, 2019 #20 dee Well-Known. Rating - 0%. 0 0 0. Nov 22, 2008 2,469 66 big twelve basketball standings The Hide Armory. Reloading Depot. Sniper's Hide is a community of Snipers of all kinds, focusing on long range shooting, accuracy, and ballistics. Founded by Frank Galli in 2000, Sniper's Hide has been offering informational videos, podcasts, and other support to its users in one location. Forum Statistics. todays in destinyinterstate 287average maaco paint job cost Here’s what Hodgdon’s load data yields for 223 Remington: Powder Comparison. We compared four powders under the microscope: two spherical and two extruded. Ramshot Magnum and Hodgdon CFE 223 are both spherical powders, which allow for better metering in a progressive press. Varget and H-4198 are both extruded powders. daytona beach news journal obituaries today Doing load development on a new Howa 1500 .223 20" 1-7 twist bedded in a laminate stock. 77gr SMK's. Only powders I had on hand. Fairly windy day. Varget best group .639 at 24gr Precision .52 at 23.2 I know I have some inconstant brass as it's new Starline 5.56 brass and boy did they make it small (Slight pressure signs at 24.3 Varget). raising cane's delivery appsaccuweather asheville nciamshaman I shoot pointed 82 bergers. I've tried a lot of powders: Varget, TAC, H4895, RL15, and finally 8208xbr. Varget was excellent, but too bulky and a little slow. TAC meters like water, and has excellent velocity, but is more temperature sensitive than I would like.